Blockchain Platform AdEx Sets Crowdsale

Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation | June 30, 2017 By:

Decentralized ad exchange platform AdEx has officially launched its crowdsale, which aims to raise 40,000 ETH. The crowdsale will run for a month before being concluded on July 30.

Built on ethereum blockchain, the AdEx platform aims to disrupt and replace existing digital advertising models by addressing current problems, such as advertising fraud and privacy, and providing a clear and focused solution for advertisers to collaborate with ad publishers and reach potential clients.

80% of the ADX tokens will be offered during the crowdsale and the rest will be distributed to the team, advisors, bounty program, and WINGS DA, a team of blockchain and contract professionals aiming to bring blockchain-enabled projects to the mainstream. In total, 80,000,000 ADX will be available during the sale, priced at 1 ETH = 900 ADX.

AdEx has partnered with the Wings Foundation, which develops WINGS DAO, in order to efficiently price the AdEx token sale. The AdEx tokens will use ERC20, a standard protocol for smart contract systems powered by native tokens, in order to ensure the platform’s compatibility with other ethereum solutions. Furthermore, AdEx Network is in partnership with BITMAIN, FinTech Blockchain Group, and Stremio.

The tokens will be used within the AdEx network to buy or sell ad space and time. Within the platform, advertisers create ads and place bids for them, setting the bid in ADX tokens. Advertisers can then bid for impressions, clicks or sign-ups and purchases; and once Stremio accepts a bid, the token will be locked until Stremio proves they have completed the goal. At that point, the token is then transferred to Stremio’s balance.

The Adex team will be releasing its first prototype in February 2018. The prototype’s code will be completely open-source and will include a basic ad-bidding system, a front-end for advertisers and publishers, and an SDK for publishers, and will be mainly focused on native and display advertising.

“There is no shortage of ad networks; however, few networks have explored a viable solution to the widespread ad fraud, misleading reports on results, privacy and data abuse,” said AdEx co-founder and CEO Ivo Georgev. “AdEx’s decentralized approach takes advantage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to provide an ad network that is completely secure, transparent, and accessible for all browsers and regulated by its users.”