Blockchain Platform For Military Acquisition Planned By South Korea’s DAPA

Blockchain, News | April 11, 2019 By:

Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), South Korea’s state arms procurement organization, is planning to use blockchain to share data between different agencies to enable transparency and prevent fraud.

Launched in 2006, DAPA is responsible for defense industry equipment purchases. It was formed in order to ensure transparency in the defense procurement process and consolidates eight organizations that were responsible for procurement and the development of technology that were formerly under the purview of the Ministry of National Defense and the separate military services.

DAPA announced on Wednesday that it plans to build a blockchain platform to enhance transparency and efficiency in conducting defense acquisition projects. The platform will be used to share data about military acquisition projects with all relevant government organizations and to prevent any data falsifications.

DAPA’s blockchain project, which has been selected for Korea Internet and Security Agency’s 2019 Blockchain Public Leadership Pilot Project, will involve the Agency for Defense Development and the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality.

“Through the envisioned platform, we will be able to improve the credibility of defense projects by sharing information about all implementation processes among those agencies,” DAPA said. “The electronic platform will also spare local defense firms the burden of submitting heavy piles of paper documents to DAPA when applying for state procurement projects.”

Kim Tae-gon, senior planning and coordination officer at DAPA, said that this new blockchain project is part of the agency’s agenda “to deploy blockchain within defense business systems and provide innovative public services.”