Blockchain Platform Gate.IO Issues Ethereum Hard Fork Pricing Report

Blockchain, Investing, News | January 7, 2019 By:

Predictions of market fluctuation caused by the anticipated ethereum hard fork on Jan. 15 has been codified in a new report from blockchain assets platform Gate.IO

The report was developed by Gate.IOs research teams through market investigation and analysis.   

Key finding: There have been five hard forks in ethereum. All showed rising prices prior to the fork, followed by a cooling off period, then a price reduction.

Gate.IO said it will support the coming ethereum Constantinople upgrade. Gate.IO will distribute the assets to all users based on the fork snapshot.

Ethereum is currently in the first phase of the ‘Metropolis’ in the Ethereum development roadmap, and will soon enter the second phase, ‘Metropolis Constantinople’.

The full report can be found here