Blockchain Platform Phore Appoints Mike Trisko As CEO

Job Appointments | April 24, 2019 By:

Blockchain platform Phore has appointed Mike Trisko as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Phore’s mission is to establish and grow free to low-cost decentralized commerce on a global scale by enabling the transfer of value across a scalable, secure ecosystem. The platform supports a variety of applications, ventures and a growing range of capabilities, including reliable and fast transactions that are either transparent or private, rewards for network participation, a decentralized marketplace and programmable smart contracts. Phore Blockchain also offers custom blockchain development services for B2B clients.

Trisko has over 25 years of technology consulting experience in Deloitte Consulting’s IT Mergers and Acquisitions practice and, previously, in the technology consulting practices of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP and Andersen Consulting. His past consulting clients include HSBC, Bridgewater Associates, AIG, JP Morgan Invest, MetLife, Dell Technologies, Polycom, Affiliated Computer Services, United Airlines, Abbott Laboratories, Sysco, and the American Medical Association.

“I’m very excited to join Phore as Chief Executive Officer,” Trisko said. “I believe Phore has the capability to make a tremendous impact on the industry. The opportunities that lie ahead for Phore as we complete our next-generation architecture, decentralized applications and deliver complete blockchain solutions are enormous. I look forward to leading Phore’s next chapter and delivering the innovation and execution it will take to be successful.”

The company also announced the appointment of former co-CEO Thomas Ambler as Chief Operating Officer and former co-CEO Anthony Alleyne as Chairman. Their leadership and focus on growing the organization remain unchanged.

“This is the perfect time for Mike Trisko to become Phore’s Chief Executive Officer. He is a strong leader with decades of relevant industry and technology experience,” said Ambler. “Mike has the ability to take Phore to the next level and beyond and has the full support of the team.”

“Many of the financial, tracking, and records systems in use today within banking, commerce, supply chain, and health care, to name only a few, are using technology that is decades old in some cases,” said Alleyne. “Countless industries, countries and communities will be transformed with more efficient, accurate and trustworthy systems, powered by distributed ledger technology. Mike’s vision, strategy and execution track record is exactly what Phore needs to lead us into the future in this highly competitive and rapidly growing arena.”