Blockchain platform Stratis raises $100K via bitcoin crowdfund

ICO News, Investing | July 20, 2016 By:

Stratis, a UK-based blockchain company, announced it has raised $100,000 from investors.

Stratis wants to develop a unique blockchain development platform. In doing so, they expect to accelerate the development of new blockchain apps by enterprises and organizations.

“Blockchain is a game changer but there is still a real need to lower the barriers to entry so that more people can get involved with the technology, discover it’s utility and ultimately be able to compete in a changing marketplace,” said Stratis founder Chris Trew.

The crowdfunding campaign for Stratis is being held in the form of an ICO. Tokens will be issued to all investors, which are used to fuel the parent and side chains of the network. One could also use the token as a payment method for the dapp hosting functionality, or use it to pay for the blockchain-as-a-service part of the service.