Blockchain Platform ZenCash Rebrands As Horizen, Expands Product Offering

News | August 23, 2018 By:

Privacy-focused cryptocurrency ZenCash has announced a comprehensive brand expansion, which involves changing its name to Horizen.

ZenCash is a privacy coin for decentralized and borderless transactions and communications. The company said the new name reflects its visionary approach and its drive to fulfill the promises in its roadmap. The brand expansion also involves a refreshed logo and visual imagery, and an elevated focus for its product offerings to include an on-chain treasury voting system, and side chains with smart contracting capability.

“The ZenCash project has greatly evolved since its inception more than a year ago, and it’s now time to expand our brand to more accurately reflect our mission to promote the fundamental human right of privacy worldwide,” said Horizen President and Co-founder Robert Viglione. “What initially launched as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency has transformed into a much broader and deeply capable platform that will host a variety of privacy-focused applications, including secure messaging and publishing.”

The Horizen brand expansion was supported by BrandTuitive, an NYC-based branding agency. In addition to renaming, BrandTuitive developed the brand positioning and messaging platform for Horizen communicating their vision to harness technology to give a voice to those who would otherwise be silenced.

Horizen said the brand expansion will allow them to go beyond peer-to-peer transactions and enable real-life uses, such as censorship-resistant publishing, the ability to build privacy-based applications, and the ability to generate basic income through ownership of their personal data. The company is also planning to research and develop a ZenVault wallet, blockDAG protocols for significantly increased scalability, and ASIC mining resistance.

“Our enterprise has a track record of delivering success, and Horizen encompasses our ability and desire to continue that growth in many ways,” said Horizen Executive Advisor and Co-founder Rolf Versluis. “As we to pioneer innovation with our community and technical partners IOHK and Infopulse, our expanded brand encompasses our unlimited capability to deliver new product offerings, improve our platform for partners to build even more profitable applications, and enable personal freedom and liberty using technological privacy.”