Blockchain Privacy Solutions Firm QEDIT Adds Dr. Burt Kaliski To Scientific Advisory Board

Job Appointments | January 17, 2020 By:

Blockchain privacy solutions firm QEDIT has appointed Dr. Burt Kaliski to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Founded in 2016, QEDIT helps businesses accelerate trust with Zero-Knowledge Blockchain, a protocol which combines enterprise blockchain with Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography. The company allows clients to can keep their data private and at the same time share proofs about these data with partners, and even with competitors in their ecosystem. It also enables running audit queries, such as credit and risk scoring, without revealing the underlying private data used to calculate the score.

Kaliski is a cryptographer and technology leader recognized for his role in developing the Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) while serving as the founding chief scientist of RSA Laboratories, an advanced cybersecurity research and development organization. In addition to holding a doctorate in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Kaliski was the founding director of the EMC Innovation Network and currently serves as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at VeriSign, Inc., a global provider of domain name registry services and Internet infrastructure.

Kaliski will join QEDIT’s Scientific Advisory Board alongside other global leaders in the field of cryptography, including Professor Eran Tromer, Professor Justin Thaler, and Professor Dario Flore. Kaliski will advise QEDIT’s leadership team in their efforts to make Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP)-based applications a reality.

“In more than four decades of the modern cryptography era, the field’s original technologies — public-key cryptography and digital signatures — have had a tremendous impact on the digital world,” Kaliski said. “More advanced technologies such as ZKPs are now starting their own transition into practice and I’m honored to work with QEDIT, which is at the vanguard of a new wave of companies leading the way with these innovations. With leadership from companies like QEDIT, ZKPs could become for blockchain and other applications what public-key cryptography and digital signatures were for the World Wide Web: a translation from mathematics to trust that helps everything else fit together.”

“We have a responsibility to deliver the latest innovations in privacy-enhancing technology to the world, and we’re recruiting the best global talent to accelerate this effort,” said Jonathan Rouach, CEO and Co-Founder of QEDIT. “Attracting the caliber of Dr. Kaliski to our Scientific Advisory Board gives expression to this mission in action. We are greatly looking forward to the advice, knowledge, and expertise in cryptographic research and cybersecurity Dr. Kaliski will bring to the team.”