Blockchain Record Label Launched By RAC And Goldroom

Blockchain, News | May 3, 2019 By:

Grammy-winning remixer André Allen Anjos (RAC) and Los Angeles-based DJ Josh Legg (Goldroom) have partnered to launch a new record label that will distribute all of its music on the ethereum blockchain.

RAC, a Portuguese DJ and record producer, has created more than 200 remixes in the rock, electronica, and dance music genres for various musical artists, with his work featured in ads from Citigroup and Hulu, among others. In 2017, he became the first artist to release a full-length on the ethereum blockchain with his most recent album EGO.

Legg began producing music under the name Goldroom in 2011, with remixes of tracks including Niki and the Dove’s “Mother Protect.” In 2014, Goldroom released the single “Till Sunrise,” the music video for which was directed by actress Dianna Agron.

The duo’s new record label, called Minerva Music, was created to give artists a higher level of autonomy, more separation from the traditional music industry, and ultimately insure that the way they are paid is as streamlined as possible. It will be releasing music from emerging artists, including Metsā, Chela, Nolan Garrett and NASAYA, who will provide the imprint’s first release on May 8.

Minerva Music will be partnering with Stem, a startup that tracks and organizes revenue streams for artists and labels, and Ujo Music, a startup aimed at providing friction-less transactions between seller and consumer. According to Goldroom, these partnerships will allow them to execute flexible deal structures in a way that was impossible a decade ago.

“We believe it should be simple for everyone involved in the creative process to get their well-deserved share of the earnings,” said Milana Rabkin Lewis, CEO and founder of Stem. “Remixers are too often left out of the financial upside when a track does well, simply because of the accounting headaches. It’s especially unfortunate because it’s often the remix that breaks through and gives the original track momentum. We are thrilled to empower Minerva with the flexibility they need to make these types of deals work and give everyone a piece of the upside.”