Blockchain Research To Improve Space Communication Funded By NASA

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The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded a grant of $330,000 USD to the University of Akron to research the potential of blockchain technology to improve space communications.

Dr. Jen Wei, assistant professor of computer engineering at UA, is leading a team of researchers seeking to develop a Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm (RNCP) for space exploration. The research team plans to launch RNCP by leveraging a number of cutting-edge technologies, including ethereum blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning methods.

The research team said they will employ the blockchain technique to design a secure and decentralized infrastructure for processing the massive data for space exploration and related science. The infrastructure will be designed to facilitate deep learning based data analysis. Furthermore, to achieve high scalability for the blockchain infrastructure, they will exploit the software-defined networking (SDN) technique and propose an adaptive management strategy.

“We will evaluate the performance of RNCP in various space communication environments, such as the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and deep space,” the research team said “To achieve this goal, we will use Tensorflow, Matlab/Simulink, ethereum blockchain, and Mininet to implement our secure and decentralized computing and data analysis infrastructure.”

If the research proves fruitful, RNCP may enable NASA spacecraft to operate more autonomously than they do today, requiring less thorough instruction from mission control in order to undertake some tasks and thus freeing up scientists on the ground to dedicate more of their attention to other matters.