Blockchain Rewards Platform Momentum Allows Companies To Launch Own Branded Tokens

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Kees de Vos, CEO of MobileBridge and Momentum, has 15 years of leadership experience in digital solutions and products, specializing in retail and digital commerce globally. He has worked with leading retailers and brands like WalMart, Argos and Tesco, to help define and implement their digital commerce strategy.

MobileBridge, an international leader in mobile engagement, recently announced its blockchain platform, Momentum, a crypto loyalty program for customers and brands. Momentum offers companies a full suite for better engagement with followers which provides data-driven insights while giving brand advocates full control of their data and rewards.

The Momentum platform is designed to work across different stores, brands, and chains (e.g. restaurants or gaming centers), acting as a point of exchange for many different branded tokens.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How have changes in consumer behavior impacted the loyalty industry?

KEES DE VOS: Consumers are tired and bored of traditional (digital) marketing efforts; the promise of better offers and experiences as a result of joining loyalty programs, have simply not materialised. There is simply too much spam. Consumers are getting used to sharing their data and are happy to do so, but it needs to be safely stored, they would like to understand how it is used and they want to control where and how the data is used. In addition to this, they also need to see real value in return; either through better (personalized) user experiences or simply better value – better discounts, better pricing or simply better rewards.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How can loyalty programs help companies in crisis?

KEES DE VOS: Companies in crisis typically not only have a hard time getting new customers, the existing customer base erodes too. And selling to existing customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones. To avoid churn it is key to engage with existing customers and incentivise their loyalty. Turn them into brand ambassadors, not with generic messaging that may be perceived as spam but by reaching out to them with tailored messaging and offers that provide real value to them.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Why is blockchain technology the remedy?

KEES DE VOS: Being able to use the blockchain architecture provides the consumer with full control over their personal data and it’s distributed and decentralised nature provides a significant advantage in storing data in a secure manner. Similarly blockchain is a great technology for storing and distributing ‘value’, in this case loyalty points, in a safe, secure and fully transparent way. In addition to security, decentralisation and transparency, the blockchain infrastructure in combination with crypto-currency immediately gives us the flexibility to allow customers to move their loyalty tokens from one loyalty program to the next and solves a part of the challenge consumers are facing in today’s loyalty program; they are locked into programs where they can’t earn enough points and when they do, they can’t easily turn them into real, tangible value.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How will cryptocurrencies impact loyalty programs?

KEES DE VOS: Cryptocurrencies will allow us to turn in-effective loyalty programs into the most powerful marketing tools, engaging the customer to become real brand ambassadors. It unlocks the ability for consumers to switch from one loyalty program to the next, giving the consumer the opportunity to focus their attention on and earn points with the brands that they love and get the rewards and value where they see fit. With the MobileBridge Momentum platform, a global ecosystem will be created, where loyalty points can float freely, and where points can be earned in rainy Holland and spend on a sunny beach in Spain.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How does Momentum work?

KEES DE VOS: The Momentum platform allows companies to launch their own branded tokens, or convert existing programs into cryptocurrency-based marketing and rewards programs. By using the Momentum Token or launching their own branded crypto tokens on the Momentum Platform, companies can not only reward their customers in exchange for their purchases and loyalty, but also reward attention, brand advocacy and data insights, whilst giving the consumer full control of their data. Consumers will be able to easily use and enjoy their cryptocurrency reward tokens, but they can also exchange their reward tokens into other branded reward tokens. For example; tokens collected while flying can be exchanged and used to enjoy a Burger meal or upgrading a rental car. Any unused tokens can be saved, traded or even gifted or donated.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How do you position Momentum against competitors?

KEES DE VOS: The major difference between us and the other players in the market is our existing software. A lot of the other providers appear to bring the loyalty programs to the blockchain, and only partially resolve the biggest challenge that loyalty programs face; the fact that they don’t deliver enough value to either the consumer or to the retailer/brand. MobileBridge not only puts loyalty programs on the blockchain and provides the flexibility to move between loyalty schemes, it is the only platform that uses these loyalty points to build genuine customer engagement and drive conversion. The fact that we take non-performing loyalty programs and turn them into a powerful tool to activate, engage and convert customers is key and unique. Others just turn loyalty into crypto and that’s it… no other competitor offers the end-to-end solution.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Do you have any agreements with other companies?

KEES DE VOS: We already have a great network of partners and work with companies such as Deloitte, CapGemini, DigitasLBI, Salmon, Reply and many other partners globally that help develop, sell and deploy our solutions.

From a customer perspective, we have had great feedback from existing customers, so far, and they are lining up to join the new version of our platform. In addition to this, the ICO activities has driven great interest from many companies around the world that want to get involved in the Momentum project, incl. very large global retailers and brands. For us, this further confirms we are taking the right strategy.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What can you tell investors that could lead them to buy into your project?

KEES DE VOS: MobileBridge Momentum is set to revolutionize the world of marketing and customer loyalty. It will redefine the way companies build and manage relationships with their customers. We are adding blockchain capabilities to an existing platform, that will take an already leading solution to another level to define the global standard in (loyalty) marketing for years to come.

In addition we clearly stand out from other ICOs:

  • We are an existing business, with existing customers
  • Our management and advisory team have unparalleled experience building great software and great companies, globally
  • We are self-regulated in line with Swiss regulation
  • Our token dynamics are strong, creating fluidity and strong supply and demand mechanics by design

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