Blockchain Search Engine Presearch Adds Privacy Watchdog Dylan Curran

Job Appointments | May 21, 2018 By:

Presearch is a decentralized, community-driven search engine built on the blockchain and seeking to disrupt the multi-billion dollar Internet search industry. It has now added privacy watchdog Dylan Curran as an advisor.

Curran recently garnered global media attention after posting a Twitter thread exposing personal data stored by Google and Facebook. His post went viral, gathering more than 168,000 retweets and bringing to light just how invasive modern technologies have become. Curran will serve as Presearch’s privacy advisor.

“After learning of the choice and control that Presearch offers its users, it was an obvious fit for a privacy advocate like me,” said Curran. “Moving forward, I will be reviewing all search engines and reporting their standards for privacy.”

“The timing for bringing Dylan on board couldn’t be better,” said Colin Pape, Presearch’s Founder and Project Lead. “With the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the recent revelations about how much data Google and Facebook are collecting, people are hungry for change and looking for alternative ways to access the web.”

Presearch’s transparent ranking factors combine human curation with scalable machine learning, a contrast to manipulated algorithm-driven methods standard among today’s industry giants.

More than 100,000 people have signed up to use Presearch’s Portal, which allows users to search multiple engines without compromising their data. Presearch does not store searches or identifying information, and enables users to choose their preferred search engines. Additionally, users are rewarded in Presearch’s cryptocurrency (PRE) for searching and referring new users.

By rewarding members for searching, promoting, and contributing to the Presearch platform, the company will create a scalable search engine to discover the best content for each inquiry. Presearch’s curation and overall development of the platform is incentivized with the PRE token. The Presearch community can also vote on and fund new development projects, continually optimizing the platform.