Blockchain Social Network Narrative Wants To Be The “World’s Public Journal”

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Rosemary O’Neill is the co-founder and CMO of Narrative, a new blockchain content and social network.

O’Neill has over 20 years of leadership in the online community space as an entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. Before joining Narrative, O’Neill co-founded Social Strata, the company behind, an online community platform.

Narrative describes itself as a “content economy.” It’s a social network that lets users post content, both text and visual. It will reward content creators, moderators, and everyone who positively influences the quality of content.” Approximately 85% of all revenue will be distributed to users who participate on Narrative.

The content economy is governed by users through their contributions and actions, which is influenced by their reputation on the service. Narrative’s platform features three different channels: A personal journal for writers to freely create their own content; “niches,” which are separated by topic and allow for discussion between members; and “brands,” which are owned and powered by organizations, both profit and non-profit.

The value of the Narrative Network is represented by the NRV token, a cryptocurrency that is used to pay for items of value (channels, advertising, etc.) and reward the users who positively contribute to the network (content creation, commenting, votes, and more).

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Can you tell us about your team? How did you meet them?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: The Narrative team is being launched by many of the same team members responsible for Social Strata’s community platform. We’ve been working together, in the online community space, for almost 20 years, and we’ll use that solid base of expertise as the foundation for our new venture.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How long has the team been working on the Narrative Network?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: Narrative as an idea has percolated for years, with an eye toward creating a more democratic and open content space. When blockchain and tokenization became more viable over the last year, we realized that we could use a token-based economy as the engine. Since we’re licensing community code that’s been under development for decades, we have a major jump start on the guts of Narrative itself. Our white paper was released last summer.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Do you have any competitors in this area?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: There are some others who are trying to do “social on the blockchain” or “content on the blockchain.” But Narrative is creating the first true content economy that seeks to incentivize and reward everyone who positively contributes. The Narrative economy encompasses not just content creators, but also moderators, editors, and those that actively participate.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What objectives have you accomplished so far?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: Our first big milestone post-token sale will be the release of our early alpha in late March 2018, which we’re code-naming Chaucer. It will be a chance for our community to start seeing and giving feedback on the Niche selection process, which is a big part of Narrative.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Does Narrative currently have any partnerships with businesses or corporations?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: We don’t currently have any formal partnerships we can announce. However, our advisor team includes some great leaders in branding, machine learning/AI, content creation, and blockchain.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Why should we invest in your token sale and how can token holders profit from it?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: We’d love to have participation in our token sale from people who support our mission of rewarding creators for their quality work, and from those who believe in the long-term viability and strength of our strategic plan and team. Anyone who contributes 60 NEO or more in our Token Sale will receive “Founder” status, which entitles them to some extra perks as members of the network.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Any specific conditions the buyers need to know before they invest?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: Contributors to our token sale (which starts Feb 13) will first need to go through our registration and know-your-customer (KYC) process by going to this website: Once they are approved, they’ll need to use the NEON wallet for the contribution process. Specific minimums, maximums, and token bonuses are also spelled out on the token sale website.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How will the funds raised be utilized?

ROSEMARY O’NEILL: We plan to invest the token sale proceeds in marketing/branding, infrastructure, and building out the team.

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