Blockchain Solution For Medical Data Management Developed By Camelot Consulting Group

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | April 11, 2018 By:

Germany’s Camelot Consulting Group has developed a blockchain solution for the storage and sharing of medical data.

Healthcare information mainly consists of sensitive data. To achieve transparency for consumers and partners in the healthcare ecosystem, new information management concepts need to be established. With its Hypertrust X-Chain data management system, the company aims to offer the industry a secure digital platform for the exchange of patient data.

The company said all data transactions are encrypted and stored on an unchangeable blockchain and will be carried out directly between the authorized participants. The platform will also allow the “integration of partner systems,” “real-time temperature, location, and quality control, as well as reliable proof of origin.”

“Building up trust into the whole supply chain, from raw material until dispense, is a big challenge,” the company said. “Information is often siloed, seen as a competitive advantage, and therefore kept secret. However, providing information about products, origins, stocks, etc. that can be trusted is required more than ever.”

To illustrate the advantages of Hypertrust X-Chain compared to conventional methods, the company uses the example of extra-corporeal cell therapies, a promising form of cancer treatment. According to the company, cell therapies involve highly complex procedures and the exchange of sensitive patient data between many actors.

“Many different actors are involved in this process, such as the treating clinic, the cell removal center, logistics service providers and pharmaceutical companies,” the company said. “Today, most important data is still transmitted by analog means in order to be recorded again in the course of the further process. The risk of erroneous data and data misuse is therefore immensely high.”

Camelot said that “Hypertrust X-Chain’s closed-loop supply chain approach ensures that there are no mistakes throughout the process: from collecting the cells, processing them, transporting them between the stakeholders, and returning the right cells to the right patients.”

“Since highly innovative extracorporeal cell therapies are often the last hope for many patients, there is no room for error in the entire process,” said Josef Packowski, CEO of Camelot Consulting Group. “That is why we have come up with a digital application that not only ensures maximum data-sharing and data-storage security, but also focuses on the patient. As consulting specialists for the digitalization of pharmaceutical and healthcare value chains, the need here was clear to us.”