Blockchain Solution For Number Portability Developed By Italian ICT Group Exprivia|Italtel

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Italian telecommunications equipment and ICT group Exprivia | Italtel has developed a new blockchain-based number portability solution to eliminate poor customer experience.

The new blockchain solution, which will be debuted at Mobile World Congress 2019 later this month, is an updated version of the group’s i-RPS product, a centralized routing and policy engine. The solution enables consumers to seamlessly switch mobile network providers to take advantage of the best offers while keeping their phone number. The group said that it allows configuration of up to one billion portability entries and delivers an end-to-end service, including the use of digital identity for a complete and ready-to-deploy experience.

The group developed the blockchain-enabled i-RPS to address the current number portability process which includes a global database that needs to be synchronized with country-specific records, involving semi-manual implementation, which can cause errors such as data mismatches and processing delays. The solution has already been deployed by several communications service providers in EMEA and LATAM.

“Exprivia | Italtel’s solution automates synchronization and allows operators to view the full country-specific Number Portability database,” the group said. “The blockchain technology acts in a real-time distributed way, maintaining records with a simplified process which reduces the cost and time of switchovers.”

Stefano Pileri, CEO at Italtel, said that today’s tech-savvy subscribers are continuously looking to change their mobile network provider to ensure they are receiving the best deal and incentives while meeting their individual data demands.

“Current number portability systems have not kept up with this trend and the current semi-manual, country-specific process to change providers while keeping the same number is slow and cumbersome,” Pileri said. “Our innovative i-RPS product changes this, using blockchain technology to simplify operations, avoid errors and delays, and reduce costs.”