Blockchain Startup Raises $3.9M USD In Tokenized Equity In Test Issuance On LSE’s Turquoise

Blockchain, Investing, News | April 16, 2019 By:

UK-based blockchain startup has raised £3 million ($3.9M USD) in tokenized shares that were issued in a test environment on the London Stock Exchange’s Turquoise equity trading platform. is a new company that is aiming to tokenize equity and other securities for client firms. Starting in London, the startup is building a network of licensed broker-dealers and a trading platform that will let people around the world easily buy securities on their phones using their Pillar wallets. In 2018, it was accepted into the fourth cohort of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sandbox, allowing the firm to conduct one of the UK’s first equity-token offerings.

The Telegraph reported that shares in, worth around £3 million, were issued in token form and settled in a test environment on the Turquoise equity trading platform. Blockchain startup and digital investment bank Nivaura reportedly assisted with the security offering. co-founder Tomer Sofinzon said in a statement that they are now planning to offer secondary transfers, and “work our way up the ‘capital stack’ to reinvent private equity and, public markets.”

“Tokenization will unlock value in a whole range of assets, from existing shares to new issuance, bonds, property, IP, fine art and much more,” Sofinzon said.