Blockchain Startup Bison Trails Adds Support For Solana Protocol

Announcements, Blockchain, News | March 26, 2020 By:

Blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service company Bison Trails has added support for the Solana protocol on its platform.

Bison Trails claims to provide a full stack offering for next-generation infrastructure and its constituents, including staking, validating, voting, transacting, and securing blockchain protocols. Their goal is to make it easy for anyone to launch secure, highly-available, and geographically distributed nodes on a participatory blockchain network with only a few clicks. Bison Trails is the preferred blockchain infrastructure provider for more than 20 protocol projects.

Solana claims to be the world’s first web-scale blockchain that delivers layer 2 performance with layer 1 security and simplicity. It claims to achieve massive performance leaps through a set of coordinated optimizations that reach deep into how code compiles at the processor level. It currently supports 50-65k transactions per second and 400ms block times, with 50 nodes on its public testnet. It is specifically built to scale transaction throughput without sacrificing decentralization or security. The core Solana innovation is Proof of History (POH), a globally-available, permissionless source of time in the network that works before consensus.

Bison Trails said in a press release that it will now support Solana token holders with the Bison Trails platform, allowing any user anywhere to run their own validators or delegate to Bison Trails validator at mainnet launch. In addition to traditional features like archiver clients and storage rent, Bison Trails customers will also be able to run additional infrastructures to support the network and earn participatory rewards.

“The Solana team has been ruthlessly executing against their roadmap over the past few months and it’s truly impressive,” said JoeLallouz, CEO of Bison Trails. “We’re looking forward to the high transaction chain and new products and services it will unlock for the future of blockchain technology.”

Eric Williams, Solana Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, said that both companies are determined to do everything they can to expand the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

“At Solana, we’re developing a scaling solution for blockchains that can uniquely capitalize on improvements in hardware and bandwidth,” said Williams. “Because of this approach, the upfront and on-going resources required to participate as a validator in the Solana network can be more demanding than other protocols. This is why the infrastructure being developed by the Bison Trails team is critical to our networks long term success.”