Blockchain Startup CasperLabs Raises $14M USD In Private Token Sale

Blockchain, Investing, News | October 21, 2020 By:

Blockchain protocol research and development company CasperLabs has raised $14 million in a private token sale led by crypto fund Digital Strategies. The token sale also saw participation from Global,, Consensus Capital, Cluster Capital, HashKey Capital, Blockchange Ventures, GSR, QCP/QSN, RockTree Capital, Stake.Fish, Chain Capital, Sora Capital, Wavemaker, Ropart Asset Management, Waterdrip Capital, AGE Fund, and dozens of other funds and individuals.

CasperLabs is the blockchain platform purpose-built to scale opportunity for everyone. CasperLabs removes the barriers that prevent mainstream blockchain adoption by making blockchain friendly to use, open to the world, and future-proof to support innovations today and tomorrow. The platform is using CBC Casper, a Correct by Construction, Proof of Stake consensus protocol that uses bonds and slashing (penalties) to secure the network. Casper offers a quickstart experience for developers building on the Casper Network with multi-language and WebAssembly support as well as familiar tools for continuous deployment and contract upgrades. It’s easy for large developer teams to get started with Casper because no new languages are required. This ease of use has caused the Casper developer community to grow rapidly with especially deep inroads within China, Japan, Korea, and India.

The funding will be used to fuel further developer adoption through grants and support in advance of a Q1’21 mainnet launch and highly anticipated public token sale. The offer and sale of the tokens will not be made within the United States or to any US persons (as defined under US federal securities laws). You will be required to provide documentation and verify your eligibility in order to participate.

“We are grateful for and humbled by the tremendous support we have received from so many leaders in the blockchain industry,” said Mrinal Manohar, co-founder and CEO of CasperLabs. “Casper represents the next frontier of blockchain technology. This milestone achievement brings us one step closer to launching the most advanced, and easiest to use, public blockchain in the world.”

Eric Weiss, co-founder of Digital Strategies, said that they invested in CasperLabs beacuse of the ability of the Casper network to bring DeFi into the next generation of developers.

“Less volatile gas costs and upgradeable contracts will prove game-changing for DeFi, from development through to day-to-day use,” Weiss said. “Behind the Casper protocol is a team with unmatched professionalism and expertise in decentralized protocols. We believe a bright future is ahead for the network and the team.”