Blockchain Startup Bison Trails Raises $5.25M USD In Seed Funding

Blockchain, Investing, News | March 20, 2019 By:

Blockchain startup Bison Trails has raised $5.25 million in a seed funding round led by Initialized Capital and Accomplice. Notation Capital, Homebrew, Galaxy Digital, Distributed Global, Charge Ventures and a prominent group of angel investors also participated in the round.

Bison Trails claims to be the world’s first infrastructure as a service company designed for next-generation blockchain networks. It claims to provide a full stack offering for next-generation infrastructure and its constituents, including staking, validating, voting, transacting, and securing blockchain protocols. Their goal is to make it easy for anyone to launch secure, highly-available, and geographically distributed nodes on a participatory blockchain network with only a few clicks.

Accomplice said in a blog post that they invested in Bison Trails because they believe the startup is launching at an opportune time and will mesh nicely with the dozens of proof of stake protocols launching now and in the coming months.

“These networks have baked in incentives for token-holders to “stake”, be active network participants, and avoid potential coin deflation,” Accomplice said. “Today, Bison Trails is actively securing protocols Livepeer, Tezos, and Decred and is building for dozens more. Looking forward, we believe cryptonetworks will generate new pockets of value for users, developers, and stakeholders where Bison Trails acts as the trusted staking and infrastructure partner.”

Bison Trails said that the infrastructure that they’re building today will pave the way for an entire generation of new decentralized companies, services, and participants to access blockchain economies and networks.

“We couldn’t be happier with this group of supportive, well-seasoned company builders and are thrilled to be working with investors that share the same long-term vision as us while we build a category-defining company in this nascent space,” Bison Trails said. “As builders and long-term believers in blockchain technology, we know that transparent, secure, and decentralized infrastructure will have long-lasting benefits for the entire ecosystem. We’re launching our platform to a select group of alpha partners in the coming weeks.”