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Blockchain Tech Firm Kadena Adds Dr. Stuart Haber And Alex Pinchev As Advisors

Job Appointments | October 12, 2018 By:

Kadena, a blockchain technology company founded by former JPMorgan and SEC technologists, announced today two key advisory appointments: co-inventor of the blockchain Dr. Stuart Haber and Alex Pinchev, former EVP of Red Hat.  The advisors will guide the company with counsel across relevant industries.

“We have brought on some of the most knowledgeable and influential minds to our board of advisors, from leaders in open source technology to one of the early fathers of blockchain itself,” said Will Martino, co-founder of Kadena.  “As we continue to grow our company and product offerings, we want to ensure we’ve covered every aspect of the industry.”

Haber is often recognized for laying the groundwork for blockchain back in 1990, and operated the world’s earliest blockchain, anchored in the New York Times. Dr. Haber and his colleague Scott Stornetta published a series of papers outlining the concept of blockchain during their time at Bellcore (Bell Communications Research). Dr. Haber and Stornetta were the most cited authors in the seminal 2008 paper by Satoshi Nakamoto that outlined the first digital currency, bitcoin.

“As we’re still in the nascent years of blockchain, it’s exciting to see the amazing applications of the technology has achieved so far,” said Haber. “Kadena is working on some of the most promising innovations in proof-of-work blockchain since bitcoin itself.”

Capri Ventures founder and CEO Pinchev has over 30 years’ experience in the software industry, notably as EVP and president of global sales and marketing at both open source software company Red Hat and cloud computing company Rackspace. With expertise in developing, growing and directing global go-to-market strategies for Linux and cloud services, Pinchev will help Kadena bring blockchain, the next era of open source technology, to entrepreneurs and enterprises.

“Open source technology is all about sharing knowledge for the greater good, which is why our smart contract language, Pact, is accessible to everyone,” said Kadena co-founder Stuart Popejoy.  “We’re providing the technology to empower businesses on a blockchain efficiently and securely, from entrepreneurs to large enterprises.  We’re seeing the demand for secure, efficient and scalable smart contracts increase and have exciting updates and announcements to share in the coming months.”