Blockchain Ticketing Platform TIXnGO Launches Health Certificate Solution

Blockchain, Innovation, News | May 6, 2020 By:

Mobile blockchain ticketing platform TIXnGO has announced the launch of a secure health certificate mobile delivery solution.

TIXnGO develops and provides a new tickets solution based on blockchain technology allowing to upgrade security, reduce frauds and digitalize the audience. TIXnGO enhances traceability, holders Identity and allows venue managers to better control price and create its own secondary ticketing place.

Called Health n Go, the new mobile health certificate solution aims to help identify immune individuals through digital certificates. The solution, which uses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, combats any attempt at certificate fraud. The system monitors patterns of attempted fraud which can lead to the revocation of a certificate, if required.

“Health n Go is designed to safely deliver digital health certificates from a trusted authority such as a doctor or health organisation,” said TIXnGO. “Each time a health certificate is issued in the platform, a unique, encrypted and completely traceable identity is attached to it. Individuals will keep their health certificates on a specific wallet on their smartphone, which can be shown on request and the QR code read by a scanner.”

According to the company, Health n Go can be hosted on a national private or public cloud and is GDPR compliant to address health data requirements. The solution is currently engaged in pilots with Swiss companies and civil and military organizations.

“In light of the coronavirus crisis, we can see a potential role for the secure delivery of personal digital assets such as a health certificate,” said Frédéric Longatte, CEO of TIX n GO and Health n Go. “It isn’t for us to define the precise use of the technology, that is a decision to be taken by governments. But as new scientific evidence comes to light and response strategies evolve, we are ready to work with governments and corporations to apply this technology, when they deem the time is right.”