Blockchain Tracking System Boosts Sales Of Some Products, Says European Grocer Carrefour

Blockchain, News | June 5, 2019 By:

Carrefour, Europe’s largest public grocer by sales, has seen an increase in sales after using blockchain technology to track meat, milk and fruit from farms to stores.

Carrefour, a member of IBM’s blockchain food supply chain network, has implemented a blockchain tracking system to improve the traceability of a number of its food products. The system allows all parties involved in the supply chain (producers, processors, and distributors) to provide traceability information about their particular role and for each batch (dates, places, farm buildings, distribution channels, potential treatments, etc.)

In an interview with Reuters, Emmanuel Delerm, Carrefour’s blockchain project manager, said that Carrefour has launched blockchain information for 20 items, including chicken, eggs, raw milk, oranges, pork and cheese. He added that blockchain have driven the sales of these products higher.

“The pomelo sold faster than the year before due to blockchain,” Delerm said. “We had a positive impact on the chicken versus the non-blockchain chicken.”

Delerm said that they are planning to add 100 more products this year with a focus on areas where consumers want reassurance, like baby and organic products.

“You are building a halo effect – ‘If I can trust Carrefour with this chicken, I can also trust Carrefour for their apples or cheese,’” said Delerm.

Carrefour’s blockchain project manager, however said that there are still challenges to overcome, such as tracking fruit and vegetables sold loose that come from different farms, and resistance from farmers to sharing too much information.

In the future, Carrefour plans to add non-food lines like clothing, as well as more information, such as how much the farmer gets out of the shelf price. The company is also experimenting with ways to identify products that do not rely on a QR code.