Blockchain Trial For Course Records Management Launched By Fujitsu And Sony

Blockchain, Education | February 27, 2019 By:

Japanese IT firm Fujitsu and Sony Global Education are initiating a field trial to evaluate the usefulness of blockchain technology in the management of course records and grade data.

The trial, which will run until March 29, is being conducted in collaboration with Human Academy, an educational institution that accepts and teaches foreign students. The trial involves a course aimed at the Nihongo Kentei language proficiency test created by EDVEC and make use of Fujitsu’s Fisdom digital learning platform. The course will be offered to foreign students who intend to study in Japan.

“The learning data of each student, including study logs and grade information, will be stored and managed as unfalsifiable data on a blockchain, in the form of a certificate,” Fujitsu said. “Human Academy, as the educational institution that will accept and teach these foreign students, will be able to accurately grasp the language ability of individual students based on this highly reliable data, by comparing the certificate data on the blockchain with the educational certificates submitted by the prospective students, making it possible to support them with appropriate education suited to their individual skill levels after coming to Japan.”

The companies claim that the implementation of this system will make it possible for learning institutions to support diverse ways of learning more effectively. During the trial, the firms will also consider an initiative to evaluate learning attitudes and processes through a more multifaceted analysis of the study logs and grade information collected.

“In addition, with this new field trial, Fujitsu will promote the utilization of blockchain throughout the educational field, and aims for a future society in which data associated with an individual’s learning can be utilized safely and securely beyond the framework of companies and educational institutions,” Fujitsu said.