Blockchains Acquires German Blockchain Development Firm

Blockchain, News | June 5, 2019 By:

Blockchains, a company dedicated to conceptualizing, building, and incubating blockchain-powered ideas, has acquired blockchain development company for an undisclosed amount.

Blockchains, which develops and incubates blockchain-powered products and partnerships, owns more than 67,000 acres in northern Nevada that it intends to use as a sandbox for showcasing blockchain and other innovative technologies that simplify fundamental aspects of our daily lives. Projects currently in development focus on custodial storage of digital assets, self-sovereign identity, and decentralized products and systems for use in its planned blockchain-based smart city.

Founded in 2015 in Germany, serves to bring the benefits of blockchain – transparency, security, and auditability – to real-world devices. The company’s existing products include Incubed, which connects Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the ethereum blockchain, and an IoT-layer solution that addresses the security and interoperability problems in many existing IoT systems.

The acquisition will reportedly increase Blockchains’ technical capabilities and accelerate development of Blockchains’ digital asset custody and digital identity solutions, the governance model for its planned distributed collaborative entity, as well as a number of the company’s other projects. Blockchains will also support further development and expansion of’s products.

“This is an exciting acquisition for Blockchains,” said Blockchains president David Berns. “’s team of nearly three dozen experienced developers and professionals will allow Blockchains to significantly fast-track its product roadmap and enhance its collaboration efforts.”

As part of the deal, founders Christoph Jentzsch and Simon Jentzsch will become Blockchains’ vice president of technology and director of blockchain development, respectively. Christoph has been part of the ethereum project since 2014 as Lead Tester, securing and shaping the core protocol while working on the backend of the C++ client. Simon is a software architect and ethereum programmer with a 20-year history of deploying enterprise solutions.

“We have the same passion for creating a sharing economy powered by blockchain, and for creating a safe and secure entry point to the third-generation World Wide Web,” said Christoph Jentzsch.