Blockchain’s Aion Foundation Adds Former Deloitte Exec Ian Chan

Job Appointments | July 26, 2018 By:

Aion Foundation has added Ian Chan, formerly a partner at Deloitte, as a senior executive.

Partnering with founders  Matthew Spoke and Jin Tu, Chan will lead operations, scale the Aion ecosystem, and lead the marketing and communications team as it works to build the Aion brand.

“I am excited to be joining Aion at this moment because I truly believe the Aion Foundation will change the way the world will use blockchain technology as we know it,” said Chan. “And I want to be a part of this change.”

Chan brings significant executive experience to Aion, having served on C-level leadership teams throughout his career. Chan most recently served as a senior partner on the Deloitte Global Innovation & Disruption team. The team is responsible for tracking the latest technological trends from around the world, as well as advising Fortune 100 clients on the topics of AI, IOT and Blockchain. Chan is also a Singularity University alumni.

Though Chan is now officially joining Aion as a senior executive, he has already been a part of it for some time. Matt Spoke and Ian first got to know each other when Spoke competed in, and won, a CEO-sponsored Deloitte challenge that sought to identify disruptive technologies. The project that won that challenge eventually led to the incubation and spin-off of the Rubix project, which led to the formation of Aion.

“Ian has been a mentor of mine for some time, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s agreed to join our team as we position Aion to lead the blockchain ecosystem for years to come,” said Spoke, CEO of the Aion Foundation. “This is a meaningful milestone for the growth of the Aion Foundation and for our ability to execute on our vision.””

“Having spent 13 years at Deloitte, the decision to leave my home and colleagues there was a difficult one, but I feel passionately about this business that I have watched grow from its very early days,” said Chan. “Matt and Jin’s vision for Aion is impossible to resist – I want to be a part of ensuring Aion’s blockchain platform will be the enabler of the next generation of digital tools that will change the world.”