Blockchain’s Decentral Adds Gamification Expert Yu-kai Chou As Chief Experience Officer

Job Appointments | June 5, 2018 By:

Blockchain company Decentral Inc.the creator of the digital wallet Jaxx, has added gamification pioneer Yu-kai Chou to  its executive team as chief experience officer (CXO).

Named the “Gamification Guru of the Year” in 2014, 2015, and 2017 by the World Gamification Congress and the Gamification Europe Conference, Chou will spearhead the company’s gamification efforts within Jaxx Liberty, the wallet’s new  gamified interface.

Chou has an extensive background as a consultant to brands including Google, LEGO, eBay, Huawei, and Volkswagen/Porsche.

Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of ethereum and CEO and founder of Decentral, said the hire is “an important point in the company’s history. We want to make the experience of interacting with our products as easy and as fun as possible for both our new and experienced users. The digital asset and cryptocurrency space is very complex and our goal is to make it more intuitive and simple but sophisticated. I believe Yu-kai is a valuable piece for solving that puzzle. I’ve studied his work for years and it’s a major development to bring him on.”

“My focus is on amping up the game-like elements in Jaxx and making the user experience more fun and exciting,” said Chou. “Based on my research and insight, we will be unveiling a wallet that delivers the best user experience on top of the best technology — combined in a blockchain interface that is intuitive enough to appeal to seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners alike.”

Chou is the author of Actionable Gamification,  a book on the new era of gamification and human-focused design. He developed the ‘Octalysis Framework,’ an approach to behavioral design used by corporate entities such as Accenture, Fidelity and Hewlett-Packard to increase participation and engagement of their respective work forces.

Chou is a Founding Partner with the Octalysis Group.