Blockchain’s Dragon Foundry Sets Token Distribution For Nova Blitz Game

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | November 4, 2018 By:

Dragon Foundry, the gaming and technology company behind Nova Blitz, today announced the launch of Nova Token, a free blockchain platform that allows users to own their in-game items.

When a user finds a legendary sword in a chest or pulls a mythic card from a pack, they can equip it and use it or sell it to another player, enabling them to earn money for it. Because each in-game item is on the blockchain, it’s completely unique.

Gamers can use their in-game account to use Nova Token, and game developers can launch their game, with players and developers alike earning stake rewards. Nova Token is jump-starting the stake pool with three billion Nova Tokens (NVT) to give away to players and game developers over the first six months following the launch. Each week’s stake rewards will be at least 100 million NVT. Users interested in purchasing NVT to participate in the stake giveaway can visit

“Blockchain-powered in-game items are the future of gaming,” said Paul Barclay, founder and CEO at Dragon Foundry. “Nova Token delivers those items in a fully scalable and seamless way. Best of all, we’re working to make blockchain accessible to everyone, with absolutely no learning curve and no barriers to entry.”

Barclay has worked in the collectible gaming industry for 20 years. At Wizards of the Coast, he developed games for Magic: The Gathering, including Magic Online and Duels of the Planeswalkers, Dungeons & Dragons, Duel Masters, Eye of Judgement, Transformers, Risk, Axis & Allies, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, and more. Following his time at Wizards of the Coast, Barclay founded Dragon Foundry in 2014 in order to build new innovations in collectible gaming.

Dragon Foundry is a gaming and technology company founded in 2014 in Seattle, Wash. The company builds games for iOS, Android, and Steam, including Nova Blitz ,