Blockchain’s Energi Mine Names Hannah Drake As COO

Job Appointments | March 13, 2018 By:

Hannah Drake has been appointed to the board of blockchain energy trader Energi Mine as chief operating officer.

Energi Mine is rolling out the development of a blockchain-based energy reward platform that incentivizes energy-efficient use with money off energy bills, charging electric vehicles, or even hard cash. Ir is a blockchain and artificial intelligence energy solutions company based in Manchester, UK that currently manages over $140 million worth of energy on behalf of its customers, looking after approximately 1,100 customer sites across Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands).

  “This is really the start for Energi Mine, as we seek to lead the way in redefining global energy markets,” said CEO Omar Rahim. “I am looking forward to building this future with Hannah and the rest of our wonderful team. The Energi Mine team is made up of 60% women, which is highly unusual in both the tech and energy sectors. As we look to hire 90 colleagues over the next 3 years, we will continue to look to work with those that are ruthless in their pursuit of excellence, whatever their background.”

Drake echoed that sentiment. “Whether it be a personal or professional goal, I truly believe that if you desire something enough, you can make it happen in any environment; regardless of ones gender, age or background. Women all over the world are orchestrating innovative ideas with game changing results. Throughout my career in both the energy and crypto space, I have found that these two very different industries are worryingly alike; Women only make up a fraction of the community that drive them and this must change if they are to move forward. I am proud to be at the forefront of a fast paced and innovative company, where both women and men move forward as one.”