Blockchain’s Gamestatix Platform Adds To Its Advisory Board

Job Appointments | July 9, 2018 By:

Gamestatix, a blockchain-enabled platform for video game development, has added veterans from across the games industry to its advisory team.

The core development and advisory team now consists of leaders with experience gained at companies such as Google™, Activision Blizzard®, Cavallier Games Studios™, British Esports Association™ and includes marketers of the Halo™, Call of Duty™, Sonic The Hedgehog™, Assassin’s Creed™ and Football Manager™ series.

“It’s testament to Gamestatix’s core principles that so many respected and experienced individuals from the games industry have stepped up to be part of this project,” says Gamestatix co-founder Dean Anderson. “I’m honored to be working with them and look forward to delivering a progressive solution that the games industry needs.”.

Gamestatix is a platform that brings developers and the gaming community together within the functionality of a social framework. The platform will use a model that rewards players with cryptocurrency for play-testing games, creating in-game assets, and promoting games via sharable content.

Developers will, in-turn, be given access to a “global pool of talent” to support them in the creation and promotion of games.

Gamestatix will not focus on the sale of released games; it aims to own the pre-release space. The platform will also feature a discovery mechanic. Its algorithm will only show games to a user if they have not yet play-tested or purchased the title. Additionally, Gamestatix will allow developers to invite a pre-defined audience to discover their game in order to provide a level playing field for developers of all sizes.

In addition to the co-founders, the core team comprises Justin Wu (Gamestatix blockchain strategist), founder of, the first Ethereum venture studio in Portugal, Rui Vaz (Gamestatix blockchain developer) founder the mobile music streaming and sharing app, Soundbet, and Brett Meyer (Gamestatix Head of Development), founder of Broken Pony Club.

Advisory Board:

  • Andy Payne OBE, Chair of the British Esports Association™, founder of AppyNation, advisory board member at Bossa Studios, board member at Ukie (The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment), founder of Just Flight, founder of Good Shepherd and board member at the BGI (British Games Institute).
  • Craig Peter O’Boyle, Google™’s Head of Entertainment and Media and the former Senior Director, International Marketing & Corporate Affairs, at Activision Blizzard®.
  • Charles Griffiths, Founder at Cavalier Games Studios, previously worked at Lionhead Studios and Electronic Arts™.
  • Mikael Vinding, Founder of Indie Game Developer Network (a community of over 270K independent game developers)
  • Alan Moss, Partner at Harbottle and Lewis.
  • Mike Petricevic, Co-founder and Creative Partner at Waste Creative.
  • Henry Clay, the founder of Block Influence and Hype Management, former Senior Digital PR Manager at Activision Blizzard®.