Blockchain’s Lexray Mobile Platform Starts Major Blockchain Push

Announcements, Innovation | January 6, 2019 By:

Lexray, an operational management mobile platform, announced today a major blockchain initiative for its V5 Platform.

LexRay’s platform claims to provide a decentralized and secure mobile operations solution. LexRay is an open platform that is implemented within various industries using biometrics, facial recognition, artificial intelligence, IoT technologies, and other services.

The LexRay V5 platform allows integration with a wide variety of IoT products and services.

Jim Argiropoulos, President of LexRay, said the advent of blockchain technology “allows LexRay to build more efficient, secure, enterprise business solutions. Integrating blockchain technology into the core LexRay Mobile Operations Platform will open new markets by further re-enforcing our goal to enhance Mobile Operations and capabilities.”

The LexRay Blockchain Initiative plans to build a decentralized marketplace utilizing ethereum to connect a growing suite of enterprise decentralized applications to LexRay’s core platform. Specifically, LexRay plans to utilize blockchain technology by accessing the ethereum network through a mobile operations client which is designed to interact with decentralized applications that run on the Ethereum network.