Blockchain’s Narrative Aims To Monetize Social Contributions For Users

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Narrative ($NRVE) is a content community that rewards creators, moderators, and all who purportedly add value. Users receive 85 percent of revenue from three channels: Personal Journals for individual content, Niches for thematic content, and Publications for brand-controlled content.

User reputation and content ratings (not arbitrary algorithms) minimize the reach of low-quality content while rewarding the best content. The company recently unlocked its first 2,500 users in its alpha version.

Watch the niche ownership explainer video 

“We’re very pleased with the level of engagement with the Narrative Alpha, and with the way the early community of Narrators has embraced the niche creation system,” said Rosemary O’Neill, Narrative CEO and founder. “Our vision is for Narrative to become The World’s Journal, with the users setting the policy and getting rewarded for their content and the value they add to the network.”

This early release of Narrative, codenamed “Chaucer,” is focused on the creation of “niches,” communal posting areas that will be central to the platform upon beta launch later this year. There have already been more than 450 niches purchased ranging from Cryptocurrency to Travel with another 550+ approved and ready for auction. In Narrative, 85 percent of revenue is distributed to users, with niche owners receiving 10 percent.

Ted O’Neill CEO and founder of Narrative, answered a few Block Tribune questions on the site.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Much has been made of conservative voices being stifled by social media outlets. What are your policies on content?

TED O’NEILL: With Narrative, there is no organization that manages or policies content or users.  The community is truly in charge, with all content rated in terms of quality and age-appropriateness by all reputation-positive members.

Content can be posted to your personal journal, to communal subject areas, which we call niches, or to publications, which are more like magazines.  Niches have elected moderators and all actions taken by niche moderators are logged and displayed, so if a moderator is doing a poor job, he or she can be removed, by vote of the community.

When someone rates content, the impact of their rating is dependent on their established reputation. That means that users who have proven to be beneficial to the ecosystem will have much more influence than those that have lower reputation scores.

Because transparency and reputation are so vital to Narrative, quality content should win out and the kind of censorship you referred to should not occur.

We will have a baseline Acceptable Use Policy (for example, we’ve already stated we will disallow porn—there are plenty of places for that already), and we will comply with legal takedown requests, but other than that, we will have no role in  content decisions as a company.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Does someone have to buy tokens in order to read or participate in the content? Or is that only for creators?

TED O’NEILL: Narrative is complete free for everyone to use.  Even though our Narrative (NRVE) tokens are the currency of the system, you never have to pay to join, post content, comment, like, etc. All revenue that flows into Narrative (advertising, niche and publication ownership fees, etc.) is denominated in NRVE. We use the currency to pay out rewards to our members, based on their overall contributions. For instance, 60% of all revenue is paid to content creators. Niche owners receive 10% of the revenue and niche moderators receive 8%.

One thing does require payment is the purchase of a niche. We require payment for those, because we want people who have skin in the game to promote their niches… and of course they also earn rewards based on the success of the niches. There will also be a way to receive rewards in US dollars, rather than NRVE tokens, if preferred.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Why are you creating a land-grab with early access?

TED O’NEILL: “Land-grab” is an apt description.  Our current alpha is allowing people to reserve and purchase niches prior to the launch of the Beta later this year.  Our niche system is truly unique, allowing anyone to take ownership of unique subjects within Narrative.

For instance, you could own the “cryptocurrency” niche and receive recurring rewards based on how popular your niche becomes. You do not even had to post content yourself. As you attract more writers/creatives, and you niche becomes more popular, you in essence earn a commission on that success.

We think niches represent a great opportunity to take ownership of subjects they have an interest in. Note however that owners do not control the flow of content in a niche.

Ultimately, the more niches that are established prior to the launch of the Beta, the easier it will be for content creators to find a home for their content. And remember, all of the payments received for niches are deposited in the Network Rewards pool, for distribution to all members once the Beta launches.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Is there any criteria for who can claim a subject header?  For example, if someone claims music but knows little about the subject, how will that be handled?

TED O’NEILL: Anyone can own a Niche. The Niche owner doesn’t have to contribute content, so they don’t necessarily need to be an expert on the subject area. The Niche owner is like a club promoter who can attract attention or contributors to the Niche, and profit from the popularity of the content. I imagine we will have some “owner-content creators” who are passionate about their chosen Niche, and we will have some who are simply speculating on the popularity of their Niche subject. Ultimately, it is the Niche Moderator who curates the content submitted to the Niche, and the Narrative community who then rate the content quality.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Do you envision someone making a living as a content provider? Or is this merely a nice reward for doing something?

TED O’NEILL: Hopefully, but of course that will depend on the success of the network longer term. The largest piece of the rewards pie (60%) is reserved for content creators in Narrative, because we believe they should be rewarded for their contributions (something that’s not currently happening in Big Social).

All we can say with confidence is that Narrative is the fairest system for content creators (and really everyone in the content spectrum) that has ever been devised.  You will earn your fair share, with our discrimination, and no one will be picking winners and losers.

In addition to the tangible rewards, Narrative is a new model for content ownership and self-governance. The rewards are the icing on the cake.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Who holds the intellectual property rights?  Can content be repurposed?

TED O’NEILL:  Narrative’s content creators own the rights to their own content. They can edit, delete, and/or download it at any time. We will also support social sharing of Narrative content; down the road, we could also support syndication or other forms of repurposing (at the discretion of the content creator).

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  If your solution gets traction, what affect will it have on existing social media platforms?

TED O’NEILL: We believe that the demand for this type of self-governed model is strong, so it could result in existing platforms having to address some of their more top-down approaches to content moderation. I think we’ve also seen that there’s room for multiple content platforms; Narrative will take its place as the platform of choice for those who want to control their content and be rewarded for it.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Are you going to have content monitors who will take down certain works that don’t meet community standards?  Or does anything go?

TED O’NEILL: Each Niche has at least one moderator, who is responsible for accepting content into the Niche. Content that violates community standards will be able to be downvoted (and if it gets enough downvotes it will essentially become invisible) and/or reported  for community review. Narrative Company will put forward a Terms of Service, with an Acceptable Use Policy, that members will agree to when they register for the platform. We haven’t released the finalized TOS/AUP yet, but we’ve already publicly stated that pornographic material will not be acceptable. Further, we have a member-run mechanism to shield children from inappropriate content: