Blockchain’s Sun Exchange Adds Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert As Advisors

Job Appointments | June 1, 2018 By:

Sun Exchange, a blockchain-based solar micro-leasing marketplace, has appointed Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert as advisors.

Known for commandeering successful ventures such as the Keiser Report and Heisenberg Capital, the couple join other Sun Exchange advisors, including David Orban, founder and managing partner of Network Society Ventures; Danny Kennedy, managing director of the California Clean Energy Fund; and Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group.

Sun Exchange has is involved in solar finance built around a cryptocurrency based micro-leasing model. The United Nations Development Program recently selected Sun Exchange to pilot blockchain-based solar finance in Moldova.

“The decentralized and distributed nature of the Sun Exchange platform and service perfectly compliments Heisenberg Capital’s investment philosophy to liberate the world from the centralized legacy cartels currently strangling the global economy, whether in the energy sector or the banking industry,” said Stacy Herbert, CEO, Heisenberg Capital and co-host of the Keiser Report.

“Heisenberg Capital recognized early on that crypto mining would come to rely on solar energy,” said Max Keiser, Founder & CIO, Heisenberg Capital and host of the Keiser Report. “We are committed to supporting renewable energy and looking to support projects in the sector as a natural extension of the benefits of blockchain technology. In the capacity of advisory, HC hopes to continue to build awareness of Sun Exchange and the role renewables play in moving economies forward sustainably and equitably.”

Sun Exchange, which initially launched on Keiser’s cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding  platform, StartJoin, is now launching its own token, SUNEX, in a pre-sale that ends on June 1. So far, they’ve raised over USD 1.1 million, exceeding an initial soft cap of USD 1M.