Blockchain’s Veridium Labs Names William Wei As CEO

Job Appointments | September 19, 2018 By:

Veridium Labs Ltd, an environmental blockchain technology company which is partnering with IBM to build tokenized carbon credit markets, has appointed William Wei, the former head of Binance’s Taiwan branch, as its new CEO.

Wei was responsible for creating relationships between Binance, the Taiwanese government, and local banking officials. He also advised Taiwanese legislators to pass a FinTech regulatory sandbox law.

Prior to Binance, Wei worked at Apple for over 12 years as a senior software architect and enterprise consultant.

Wei was also the founder and CEO of two mobile companies: Mobile Apps Express, which developed cloud-based cross-platform iOS and Android applications, and Drupe Mobile, which built an enterprise mobility stack that was adopted by some of China’s top financial and insurance companies and the Chinese police.

“We have been very thoughtful in our search for the right leadership team for Veridium Exchange, a key element of our socially-minded venture,” said Todd Lemons, chairman of the Veridium Foundation. “Our investment in this process has yielded a CEO with the depth of technology and exchange experience we feel is needed to execute Veridium’s vision, which will promote the transition to a fully-regenerative market economy. Wei’s role at Binance is important as well, as we intend to partner with the leading crypto exchanges to help us achieve our vision.”

“Veridium is using blockchain to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues of survival,” Wei said. “By reforming the carbon credits system, Veridium offers a real chance at combating climate change and putting industrial enterprises back on the right track for sustainable growth and productivity. I’m thrilled to be with a team of thought leaders in the environmental economy who will craft the future of green industry using blockchain technology, creating an internet of value.”