Blockport Exchange Leaves Beta, Sets Several New Features

Announcements, Blockchain, Investing, Regulation | January 26, 2019 By:

Cryptocurrency trading platform Blockport has moved out of beta. Since its launch in August 2018, Blockport claims it has experienced paying-user conversion rates that are four to five times higher than those of Coinbase. The alleged growth has helped the company to expand from five full-time employees to 25.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, the cryptocurrency trading platform combines social sharing with cryptocurrency trading

“Over the past several months, our team has worked incredibly hard to get the product to where it is today, and the feedback we’ve received from our community thus far has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Sebastiaan Lichter, co-founder and chief of product at Blockport.

A promotional rewards program has been initiated in conjunction with the full start which will give 10 Euros (EUR) worth of BPT (Blockport Tokens) to new and existing users. To cash in on the offer, new users simply need to sign up for an account on Blockport and make 100 EUR in trades. Then, each new trader will receive 10 EUR worth of BPT — the utility token powering the platform — in their accounts.

Existing traders can earn this bonus by bringing in new users through Blockport’s referral program. Users can find referral links on their account dashboards, which they can send to potential new customers.

Blockport also announced it has integrated with mobile banking app Bunq to enable instant fiat deposits to exchange accounts.