Blockstream to release first open source code for sidechains

Announcements | June 11, 2015 By:

On Tuesday, June 9, Blockstream announced it will release an open source codebase for its signature sidechains project.

“Our hope is that people in the community will participate, look at it, submit patches, get involved and try out all you can do with the proposed bitcoin extensions,” said Blockstream co-founder and president Dr Adam Back.

According to Blockstream, the code will allow community developers to experiment with sidechain functionality, with initial features allowing users to transact and issue digital assets.

Currently, the sidechain made available for developers utilizes testnet coins rather than real bitcoin, and the decentralized peg only allows for two-way transactions between the bitcoin testnet and the sidechain testnet.

Blockstream is a company that develop new ways to accelerate innovation in crypto currencies, open assets and smart contracts.