Blocktrail CTO joins Counterparty’s core development team

Announcements | February 16, 2016 By:

Counterparty announced that Ruben De Vries, CTO of Bitcoin wallet company Blocktrail, has joined the fintech protocol’s core development team.

“Over the past half year, he has contributed significantly to the Counterparty codebase, overhauling Counterwallet for it’s 1.7 release, and working with me to greatly enhance counterparty-lib’s performance and stability. Ruben will add significant bandwidth to the Counterparty development team, and help keep Counterparty at the forefront well into the future,” Counterparty co-f0under Robby Dermody.

Dermody also discussed the protocol’s roadmap for the next six months including the introduction of Subassets, P2SH multisig, Segregated Witness (segwit), asset history and other performance and stability updates.

Counterparty is a free and open platform that puts powerful financial tools in the hands of everyone with an Internet connection.