Brazil May Require Public Administration To Adopt Blockchain

Blockchain, News | June 14, 2019 By:

The government of Brazil is considering a draft bill that will require public administrations to adopt innovative technologies, such as blockchain.

The new bill, PL 3443/2019, was filed by a group of ten federal deputies from various parties and states on June 11 during a protocol session at the lower house of the National Congress of Brazil, Chamber of Deputies. It was signed by officials from different parties, including The Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) and The New Party (Partido Novo, NOVO)’s member Federal Deputy Tiago Mitraud.

The new bill aims to offer the “Digital Provision of Public Services in Public Administration – Digital Government.” The objective of the bill is to require both federal and state government divisions to apply emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain in order to improve public services.

Brazil legislators have been calling for the adoption of blockchain technology. Last year, lawmakers pushed to move popular petitions, which are an important part of the political process in Brazil, to the Ethereum network. Petition signatures on the blockchain would allow officials to check if the vote has been accurately recorded in a specific petition. Processing them on ethereum using a smart contract would operate as the other decentralized applications currently do on the network.