Brazil’s Office of Taxation and Finance to hold public hearing on Bitcoin

Regulation | November 18, 2015 By:

Brazil’s Office of Taxation and Finance will hold a public hearing on Bitcoin and digital currency technologies on November 19.

The hearing will be attended by numerous high-ranking government officials and regulators; Mardilson Fernandes Queiroz from the Financial Department of the Central Bank of Brazil; Antonio Gustavo Rodrigues, President of the Council for Financial Activities Control.

Several professors from some of the most prestigious educational institutions in Brazil will also be present at the hearing. Laura Barbosa and João Sayad, economics professors from the university of São Paulo, and Cláudio Albuquerque, a professor from the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, have confirmed their attendance.

Rocelo Francisco Bezerra Lopes, CEO of CoinBR, one of Brazil’s largest digital currency exchanges, will also be attending the public hearing. CoinBR recently expanding with its acquisition of Coinverse, a bitcoin trading platform, in June of this year.