Bright Moments Launches New Investment DAO to Support NFT Artists and Projects

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | March 28, 2022 By:

Traveling NFT art gallery Bright Moments has launched its first-ever NFT and Web3 investment DAO called Bright Opportunities to further their mission of offering IRL minting experiences around the world.

Bright Moments delivers unforgettable IRL minting experiences and cultural moments through NFT galleries around the world. The company supports its own PFP project (Crypto Citizens) and the emerging creator class of on-chain generative artists. As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Bright Moments is governed by holders of Crypto Citizen NFTs.

The Bright Opportunities DAO — a sub-DAO of the Bright Moments DAO — will give members access to new NFT investment options and unlock additional value within the Bright Moments ecosystem. Bright Opportunities will be limited to 99 accredited investors from the Bright Moments’ Crypto Citizen community, and applicants must hold one of Bright Moments’ Crypto Citizen NFTs.

The Bright Opportunities DAO will be committed to collecting, preserving, and holding NFT-related projects created within or supported by participants of the Bright Moments ecosystem. The new investment DAO benefits the overall Bright Moments community – where every Crypto Citizen NFT holder is an equal member – through Bright Moments participation in Bright Opportunities. Additionally, both artists that work with Bright Moments and the participating Bright Opportunities members will benefit from the insight and knowledge that Bright Moments generates through its network of IRL galleries and global IRL minting experiences.

“Bright Opportunities will allow members of the Bright Moments ecosystem to participate in strategic investment opportunities aimed at supporting the artists and NFT projects that we believe in,” says Seth Goldstein, Founding Member of Bright Moments. “As we look ahead, Bright Moments is excited to continue launching DAOs that will bring added value to our community, while we focus on furthering our mission of building unforgettable IRL minting experiences.”

“The Bright Moments Opportunity DAO is a great way for the Bright Moments DAO, its members, and third party investors and collectors to come together to collect new works from artists who showcase their art at Bright Moments Galleries around the world,” adds Fred Wilson, Partner at Union Square Ventures. “It expands the collector base beyond the Bright Moments DAO while maintaining the Bright Moments DAO’s critical role in the ecosystem.”

This announcement comes as Bright Moments prepares for its splash in Berlin, where the DAO will be hosting their next IRL NFT art gallery from April 6-23. The gallery will be located at famed Berlin exhibition space Kraftwerk, and will incorporate elements of the city’s world-renowned techno scene.