BTCC launches advanced bitcoin trading plarform, Pro Exchange

Investing | November 11, 2015 By:

BTCC announced the launch of Pro Exchange, a platform for Bitcoin trading with 20X leverage. The new platform is more suited to be used by experienced traders and offer a leverage on spot trading of 20X making it the highest in the industry.

“Pro Exchange is an innovative addition to our growing set of digital currency services that allows keen investors to trade on and hedge against bitcoin volatility,” said BTCC CEO Bobby Lee.

“BTCC’s Pro Exchange is another example of how we lead the cryptocurrency services market by offering our customers pioneering services that are unparalleled in the industry,” said BTCC vice president Michael Fok.

Pro Exchange offers traders convenience through stop orders. Stop orders buy or sell a position when the market reaches a certain price, freeing traders from the need to monitor the market every second.

BTCC is a Bitcoin service provider based in China.