Budapest Taxi now accept bitcoin payments

Now Accepting | February 22, 2016 By:

COinPAY announced it has partnered with one of Hungary’s leading taxi providers, Budapest Taxi.

“Our company wants those with bitcoin to be able to spend them on services, products, in shops, because it creates business and it helps those who need that service,” said COinPAY chief executive András Lőwy.

“We believe that we have to grab every opportunity that comes along, to take advantage of any innovation, and if one of those becomes very successful, we can say we were the first to use it,” said Budapest Taxi managing director Csaba Horváth.

For now it works in 580 cabs in Budapest. Horváth does not think many of their passengers will be using bitcoin to pay but didn’t want to miss out.

COinPAY is a bitcoin payment processor company.