Crypto Exchanges Talking To Regulators About Banking Licenses – Report

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 At least two cryptocurrency exchanges have held discussions with US regulators about obtaining federal banking licenses, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. If successful in obtaining the licenses, the exchanges would be able to expand their services and potentially create new pathways in the market.


Former Prosecutor Laurel Rimon On Money Laundering: “What’s Identified Is A Fraction of What Goes On.”

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Banks and financial institutions are long accustomed to new and changing regulations aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Now, a new set of Customer Due Diligence Requirements issued by FinCEN have taken effect.  

But for emerging “money services business” (MSB) – especially those engaged in cryptocurrency,


A Wave of Lawsuits Looms For ICO Version 1.0 – Are You Prepared?

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Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, have become a ubiquitous and much-discussed way for companies in the blockchain and digital currency space to fund themselves.  To date, by some estimates, more than $3 billion has been raised in ICOs, outpacing all venture capital raised in the United States in 2017.


Blockchain Patenting Strategies – Some Basic Ammunition

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Clients will sometimes ask whether they can patent recording real estate deeds (or some other general business action) on the blockchain. My answer to this question in the context of today’s environment is a straightforward “no”. We are in the midst of a patenting frenzy around blockchain technologies and many of the basic ideas around implementing various legal,


The Legal Requirements For A Compliant ICO In The US Are Unclear – Dror Futter

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Rimon Law partner Dror Futter runs The Blockchain Patent Chronicle, a blog which provides timely summaries of developments in blockchain/distributed ledger technology patents. The patents are the earliest public indication of research and development in the blockchain ecosystem.

Naturally, that bully pulpit provides a vehicle for some strong opinions on the state of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


ICO Market: “More Regulators Will Become Active In The Space” – William Pao

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The Securities and Exchange commission and other government regulatory bodies in the US and elsewhere are turning an increasingly critical eye on initial coin offerings (ICO), the investment vehicle that allows fundraising without surrendering equity. Recently, the SEC charged the two owners of Centra, a company endorsed by boxing champion Floyd Mayweather,


Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker Launched By Law Firm Morrison Cohen

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New York-based law firm Morrison Cohen LLP has introduced a special tracker that aims to provide updates and information on all active legal proceedings in the United States involving cryptocurrency companies.

Called Moco Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker, the tracker offers heightened transparency with regards to the legal affairs of crypto companies.


Baker Donelson Attorney Chris Sloan On SEC Probe: “This Was Coming Sooner Rather Than Later”

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Chris Sloan is an attorney with Baker Donelson in Nashville and is deeply immersed in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities there. He talked with Block Tribune about the recent SEC subpoenas of various companies, the Nashville community, and the outlook for the sector the rest of this year.