What North America can Learn about Banking from Developing Countries

Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation, News | April 7, 2022 By:

For a long time, North America had viewed developing countries only as a potential market for their products with most innovations only happening in the “developed” world. This perception is slowly changing as these “emerging markets” are transforming traditional domains like banking with some amazing innovations that the global North can learn from. 


Building Inclusive Economies With a Blended Finance Approach

Blockchain, FinTech, News, Opinion | June 1, 2021 By:

The current approach to business and investment doesn’t work for everyone. The pace of growth is often unsustainable, unstable and focused on short-term projects rather than long-term investments. Many are also left behind  — like refugees and people in developing countries. 

The shortcomings of traditional financial approaches have led to new investment strategies — like blended finance — to use private funds to drive more sustainable development.


Startups Are Now Choosing FinTech Over Traditional Banks For Personal Finance

Blockchain, FinTech, Opinion | October 21, 2020 By:

Starting up a new business means that an individual has to cross several obstacles before the business can actually reach stability, break even and start realizing profits. From tough market competition to funding challenges, new business owners have to have tremendous ambition, grit and determination to handle it all.


How The Centralized World Is Meeting The Decentralized Future

Blockchain, FinTech, News | October 19, 2020 By:

DeFi has unquestionably become the latest allure of the crypto world. These innovative financial products powered by smart contracts have effectively removed the middleman (traditional banks) from the borrowing-lending equation and created a truly permission-less economy. By empowering people to be their own bank and getting rid of identification or credit check protocols,