Why A.I. Needs Blockchain To Accelerate Its Growth

Innovation, Opinion | July 9, 2018 By:

Data is so important to the development of artificial intelligence that some have posited progress in A.I. has accelerated recently because there are finally large enough datasets on which to hone the programs. At a technical level, the data requirements for training are enormous: even a relatively simple technique like a decision tree usually needs at least 10 examples in test data for every decision node,


Blockchain’s TaTaTu – “All The Other Social Media Will Have To Adapt To The Business Model”

Innovation, News | June 27, 2018 By:

TaTaTu, a blockchain tokenized entertainment platform, has raised $575 million USD from private backers, an amount that would make it one of the largest private fundraises of the blockchain era, rivaling Tezos, Telegram and EOS.

The TTU tokens will serve as the central currency within a new blockchain-based social entertainment platform called “TaTaTu,” operated by TaTaTu Enterprises.


Blockchain Patent Filed By Pharmaceutical Giant Merck & Co.

Blockchain, Innovation, News | June 25, 2018 By:

A patent seeking to claim a blockchain solution for finding counterfeit drugs in the supply chain has been filed by pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.

Submitted in December 2016 and published late last week, the patent application outlines a method by which a blockchain could be used to store information about a physical object and track its progress through the supply chain.