Bitcoin OTC Trading: A Guide To Best Practices Beyond The Marketplaces

Investing, Opinion | December 23, 2018 By:

 Bitcoin over-the-counter (OTC) trading offers buyers a discreet way to conduct business.  Several bitcoin marketplaces are trusted and popular, but transactions conducted there are attached to publicly viewable blockchains. OTC trading provides buyers the privacy they seek, allowing them to trade directly with individuals. Bitcoin OTC trading is decentralized banking in its truest sense.


Crypto Platform Layer1 Receives Investments From Peter Thiel And Digital Currency Group

Investing, News | December 20, 2018 By:

Cryptocurrency investment firm Layer1 has raised $2.1 million in a seed funding round from major investors, including PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel and Digital Currency Group.

Based in California, Layer1 is a cryptoasset investment and infrastructure platform that takes concentrated bets on promising blockchain protocols and builds critical technology to support their global impact.


SEC Adopts Final Rules For Regulation A Exemption On Securities

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law, Blockchain, Investing, Regulation | December 19, 2018 By:

In an important ruling for crypto and blockchain firms, the Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted final rules to allow reporting companies to rely on the Regulation A exemption from registration for their securities offerings.

“Regulation A provides an exemption from registration under the Securities Act for offerings of securities up to $50 million in a 12-month period,”