Blockchain, AI and the Legal System – Will Tech Lead The Law?

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Artificial intelligence is fashionable. It is mentioned in the board meetings of marketing companies, logistics, the financial industry, health and many others. This technology brings a level of autonomy to digital systems. But, on several occasions, the digital services collided and even came into conflict with the application of the law.


Ethereum Poised For Big Breakout, Claims Technology Pundit

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Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, will experience a “monumental, defining global breakout” when smart contracts can accept outside data.

That is the bullish prediction from Ian McLeod of Thomas Crown Art, an art-tech agency, as ethereum is on a run upward.

“Ethereum is back in bull territory and is on track to enjoy considerable gains before year-end,”


Blockchain In The Retail Industry

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The retail industry is ripe for innovation. In fact, some think we will see more disruption in the next 10 years than we did in the past 1,000 years. One key area of innovation is the use of blockchain technology. While numerous articles have been written on the ways that blockchain technology can disrupt the retail industry by reducing transaction costs or increasing efficiency,


The Crypto Uprising – A Brief History Of Its Evolution

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The blockchain is the underlying technology behind all cryptocurrency. In its simplest form, it is a marketplace for digital payments and asset exchange. Rather than a central authority, a database of transactions is managed by a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) network. The importance of cryptocurrency blockchains is its ability to maintain trust at a programmable level.


Permissionless Blockchain Could Save The Failing IBM/Maersk Project

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Blockchain makes sense when it enables people and entities that don’t know or trust each other to work together. Some of the private permissioned blockchain solutions, such as IBM’s Hyperledger, are criticized for giving up decentralization, censorship resistance, and trust when collaborating.

In short: when there is no incentive for parties to cheat,


Business Intelligence: Four Steps To Make Your Teams More Relevant

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The world of analytics is changing. Self-Service Analytical tools like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI are enabling business users to perform reporting and analytics on their own with little to no support from the IT organization. This trend has evolved due to several factors including:

1)    Organizations are flooded with data and IT organizations are not able to keep up
2)    Easier to use Business Intelligence tools make it more efficient for business users to directly create their reports rather than go through IT for a project
3)    IT organizations analytical projects can take several months when a business needs this information in weeks

This trend has caused the efforts of IT Business Intelligence (BI) teams to spend most of their energy gathering,