Cryptocurrency Versus Blockchain Investing – Understanding The Differences

Investing, Opinion | July 13, 2018 By:

2018 has already been another stellar year for blockchain and cryptocurrencies investing. After seeing more than $3.8 billion in blockchain investments in 2017, the space has already experienced a three-fold increase this year, reaching $11.9 billion raised by the end of the second quarter.

Distributed ledger technology and virtual currencies pose both challenges and opportunities to current models of investing and capital formation,


Blockchain Will Improve Gaming – Five Ways To That Win

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 Gaming and blockchain are rarely said together in the same breath. There is obvious synergy given the potential role of digital currencies, but the opportunities for gaming developers are broad and compelling. We created a company, Blockchain Studios, precisely because we thought the application of blockchain technologies would unleash fresh creativity and ideas in gaming.


Why A.I. Needs Blockchain To Accelerate Its Growth

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Data is so important to the development of artificial intelligence that some have posited progress in A.I. has accelerated recently because there are finally large enough datasets on which to hone the programs. At a technical level, the data requirements for training are enormous: even a relatively simple technique like a decision tree usually needs at least 10 examples in test data for every decision node,


Washington Post Attacks Bitcoin As Alt-Right Tool, Misses The Irony – Opinion

News, Opinion, Regulation | July 4, 2018 By:

EDITOR’S NOTE: For July 4, a day celebrating freedom, we are republishing an earlier commentary on the role of decentralized cryptocurrency in protecting free speech.

The Washington Post has targeted bitcoin as a fundraising vehicle for the alt-right, citing several organizations as adopting the digital currency after being banned from other payment services and communication tools like Twitter.


Blockchain Tokens – Compliant Structures for Securities Offerings

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law, Opinion, Regulation | June 28, 2018 By:

Proceeds from blockchain token sales (popularly known as initial coin offerings or “ICOs”) reportedly topped $5 billion in 2017, with approximately $1 billion of such offerings originating in the United States (EY research: initial coin offerings [ICOs] [Dec. 2017]). Blockchain technology has a variety of potential applications,