Blockchain Tokens – Compliant Structures for Securities Offerings

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Law, Opinion, Regulation | June 28, 2018 By:

Proceeds from blockchain token sales (popularly known as initial coin offerings or “ICOs”) reportedly topped $5 billion in 2017, with approximately $1 billion of such offerings originating in the United States (EY research: initial coin offerings [ICOs] [Dec. 2017]). Blockchain technology has a variety of potential applications,


Blockchain Solutions Usher in Era of Trusted Big Data

Opinion | June 25, 2018 By:

Big Data technologies have matured to enable ingestion and storage of massive transactional and event data for integration and analysis, but governance capabilities remain a persistent challenge. Big Data solutions like Apache Hadoop™ and Apache Spark™ platforms have fundamentally changed the economics of storing and mining data that were previously inaccessible to engineers and data scientists,


Blockchain Can Drive Savings In A Fractional Real Estate Market

Investing, Opinion | June 18, 2018 By:

Buying a home is usually a happy occasion, yet first-time home buyers are often shocked at the cost of home ownership. The blockchain can reduce at least two of sources of these costs: lack of transparency and integration.

The blockchain can incentivize a pricing and services structure where home buyers can take back some of the money that is slipping away to inefficiency.