ChangeTip And Direct Relief to launch charitable campaign

Announcements | August 20, 2015 By:

ChangeTip has announced partnership with Direct Relief to launch an eight-day fundraising campaign that aims to help prevent deaths from pregnancy and childbirth complications, one of which occurs in a developing country every two minutes.

Because using Bitcoin incurs practically no transaction or foreign exchange costs and because it can be sent internationally without intermediaries, 100% of the donated funds will go toward the cause, which aims to purchase prenatal vitamins for 2,000 expectant mothers in the West African nations of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

“Bitcoin can make a big difference in charitable giving because it is also able to move the money fast and directly to wherever it needs to be effected,” said Change Tip CEO Nick Sullivan.

Users will have three ways to donate. One is by tweeting messages like, “@ChangeTip, give @DirectRelief $5 in support of #onesafepregnancy.” Second, Reddit users can leave a tip by posting at ChangeTip, “give Direct_Relief $5 in support of #onesafepregnancy.”

ChangeTip is a social payment platform that allows users to send money on any platform. Direct Relief is a charity known for its efficient use of donated funds.