Chroma.Fund relaunches its crowdfunding platform

Announcements | October 19, 2015 By:

Portland-based Chroma.Fund is relaunching with its crowdfunding platform that can now allow non-accredited Oregon investors to participate in equity crowdfunding campaigns.

“Our previous version, which was launched before Oregon’s crowdfunding exemption was passed, relied on Regulation D, and forced us to verify that the investor was either worth a million in net assets, or made $200,000 in salary during the past two years,” said Chroma.Fund CEO Marcus Estes.

The company scrapped that version and instead started working with the state to use the Oregon Intrastate Offering Exemption as a licensed portal.

With the platform’s new version, any Oregon resident can invest up to $2,500 in companies fundraising on the site. The company is closely following federal regulations that would allow residents in other states to participate.

Chroma.Fund is a system that allows companies to take advantage of bitcoin options as they raise funds.