Coinbase announces winners of Bithack2 bitcoin app contest

Announcements | July 7, 2015 By:

On Thursday, July 2, Coinbase released the winners of the second annual bitcoin/blockchain application contest, called Bithack2.

The winners are:

1st Place: $10,000* of bitcoin and a place in Boost VC’s bitcoin accelerator class, valued at $50,000 – Mailman

Mailman is an email paywall system which allows you to reward timely replies with bitcoin and filter spam using the blockchain.

2nd Place: $5,000* of bitcoin- SatoshiPay

SatoshiPay is a bitcoin nanopayment wall for publishers which allows you to pay for the section of text that really interests you, make metered payments for streaming video, and make paid downloads with a single click.

3rd Place: $3,000* of bitcoin – Rebittance

Rebittance is a remittance aggregator that provides senders with a single place to find and transact with Rebittance cash-out partners around the world.

4th Place: $1,500* of bitcoin – BlockchainME

BlockchainME offers a tool for creating verifiable IDs on the blockchain, promoting the encryption layer of cryptocurrency to help prevent skimming, catfishing, counterfeiting and other fraudulent activity.

5th Place: $500* of bitcoin – BitcoinDial

BitcoinDial is a ‘pay phone’ app that accepts bitcoin instead of quarters, allowing users to make affordable international calls.

Coinbase said the winners were carefully selected from a total of 84 entries. To ensure the judging process was fair, we screened all apps for eligibility according to the BitHack v2 rules.