Coinbase CEO Armstrong Claims “Not Opposed” to New Assets

Blockchain, FinTech, Investing, News | August 1, 2017 By:

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong sent out a Twitter blast today indicating the platform is “certainly not opposed to adding new assets” to its trading choices.

The Tweet is in response to anger from many Coinbase members who couldn’t get their bitcoins out of the service. Long delays over the weekend prevented many from taking advantage of Bitcoin Cash’s offer to provide one BCC for each BTC held in a non-custodial wallet.

Coinbase previously said it would not support Bitcoin Cash’s fork. Thus, its members may have missed out on essentially free money.

Armstrong added several points in his tweet, stating, “We also don’t want to rush anything out. Our goal is to be the safest, most trusted and compliant, and easiest to use” exchange. “Not the first to market with new assets.” He added that creating new nodes to support unproven entities “I don’t think is prudent. Especially at scale, it takes time to ensure any new asset we add is well-tested and secure. With cold storage, transaction generation, etc.”

He concluded by stating that Coinbase’s plan “is to continuing (sic) adding new assets to the platform over time. Any that our customers want to trade, and that are legally compliant.”